Housecleaning at FlooringFX

We are freshening things up here at  Don’t panic but we deleted hundreds of posts on the site.  We are going to fine tune how it works.

We know that thousands of you come here to find the flooring that you are missing/needing, and we are going to continue helping you find just what you need to complete your installation.  In fact with our house cleaning, you will be able to find what you need quicker and easier.

First we removed hundreds of posts that we felt were not up to the quality we want to present to you.  Second, the site was getting so large and confusing that we know it can be better.  So, continue posting what you need on the few remaining posts below, and soon the relaunch will be exciting for everyone.

Until them happy installing!

One thought on “Housecleaning at FlooringFX

  1. Hi Looking traffic master Dimension African chestnut 281-545 hardwood flooring. kitchen floor got damaged and home depot said they discountinued it. does anyone out there have any for sale? thank you, pete 661-644-3245 any help to locate would be appreciated.

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