Flooring App – Style My Floor by QuickStep

Flooring App for your Smartphone.

This is a flooring application designed to preview various flooring and a picture of what it would look like in your room. This is pretty cool, additionally you can also order free samples directly from the app.
The app is almost there. While a cool idea, the problem is the angle you have to take the pictures ends up not showing a lot of the floor. If you could change the angle it would be much better. This would allow you to get a better feel for the look of the entire room.Flooring App by QuickStep Flooring
Therefore, this app is a 3-4 stars max out of 5. Almost there and I am sure it will be improved in future updates.

The Style My Floor app by Quick•Step is supposed to take the guesswork out of shopping for a new floor, making it easy to select the floor that’s perfect for you.

Style my Floor is easy-to-use and hassle-free. Simply snap or select a photo, position the virtual floor in your space, outline and refine to reveal furniture and fixtures, then browse our entire collection right in your home. You can even share with family and friends via email or social media.

You can also save your designs or mark your favorite floors to revisit later. Want to see your favorites in person? No problem. You can order up to five (5) FREE samples directly within the app. How’s that for stress free shopping?

Available on Android and iTunes

Features of the Style My Floor App

-“Try On” any Quick•Step floor in your space
-Easily erase areas in the flooring visual to reveal your furniture and decor
-Browse their catalog of styles
-Save your designs to the Style My Floor photo gallery
-Share images of your designs via Facebook, Twitter, or email
-Calculate the amount of material you will need for your project with the flooring calculator (Don’t forget to add in for waste)
-Find your nearest Quick•Step dealer using the convenient store locator
-Order up to 5 FREE samples of Quick•Step flooring

Have you tried the app? What do you think? Post a comment below.

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