TrafficMASTER Allure Ultra – Needed

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Do you have extra boxes of Trafficmaster Allure Ultra?

Someone has emailed requesting as many boxes of Trafficmaster Allure Ultra that you have as spare. Â They will pay the cost plus shipping if required.
They purchased this a few months back and waited to install.  Now they find themselves short due to the waste during installation of the flooring.

Choosing the Perfect Flooring for Your Home
Choosing the Perfect Flooring for Your Home

Are you short on flooring?

As this is common when installing, we know there are many of you that find yourselves short and unable to locate the extra boxes of flooring needed to complete your project.  If this is you, please post below what you need.

Oppositely, If you have extra boxes please also post what you have and the quantity.

Also the location and other details will also be helpful.
This is a service of and we hoe that it help the many of you reach each other and work to the details to complete your project.

Trafficmaster is a great and affordable material to use in your home and business. We have seen it used hundreds of times and most people are very satisfied.

TrafficMASTER Allure Ultra gives you the richness and beauty of real tile with luxurious embossing for a beautiful look and feel. Tiles are quiet under foot, easy to maintain and offer  click-lock installation technology. TrafficMASTER Allure Ultra’s simple  installation system allows for easy, no-glue installation, saving time, effort and money.

Commercial-grade wear layer gives TrafficMASTER Allure Ultra superior durability that can stand up to heavy traffic at home or office. You can transform any room in your home quickly and easily.

Post below or on this other post with what you need or have and others will be sure to help. Offer any advice you have and help others out. We have all been there at one point or another.

Consequently, we have many requests, here are a few:

The flooring is discontinued at HD. Therefore, I need at least 3 boxes, possibly 4 of a recently discontinued parquet tiles, Model 65657
I’m in Reston VA. Will pay for shipping if father than 50 mi.

We are desperately looking for 1 or 2 boxes of Trafficmaster estate oak laminate flooring. We had water damage and need to replace the floor in front of the refrigerator. Please help us by posting a comment below.
Thank you. Thank you.

I am looking for any boxes of: TrafficMaster Dimensions glue-less hardwood flooring with Uniclic system Brazilian Cherry clear natural finish, sku # 280-704, 12.9 sq ft/carton, 0.56³ x 7.28³ x 42.5³.
Your help is appreciated.
Contact me at

I have 3 boxes of Trafficmaster Hamilton Oak, sku 147115. So, I started putting them down and didn’t have enough so I pulled them back up. Some (not all) pieces were cut to stagger the pattern, but everything is here and usable. Click here if you need Hamilton Oak.

Therefore, post what you or what you need below.

12 thoughts on “TrafficMASTER Allure Ultra – Needed

  1. I need 1 or 2 boxes of Hanover Oak Traffic Master glueless Laminate flooring. 8mm, 8 planks covers 20.10 sq. ft.

  2. I am in need of one box ofArmstrong Roman grey weathered way model 6576. Moved kitchen island and need to fill space in.

  3. In need of Benson Oak Trafficmaster – 3-4 boxes product # 367361-00182 originally manufactured for and sold at HD .

  4. Desperately looking for 3-4 Boxes of Allure Ultra Trafficmaster “Black Walnut” Vinyl Plank Flooring. I was discontinued at Home Depot before my enteryway and steps were finished.

  5. Hello I live in Montreal area of Canada. I am looking for 2 colours of TrafficMaster.
    Home Depot online says “Unavailable in your area”.
    I am looking for 7 boxes in AH Bourbon Oak, Kaindl One 8.0, 8mm. Dark Colour.
    I am also looking for 1 box in AH Canadian Oak, Kaindl One 8.0, 8mm, Light Colour.
    Otherwise known as TrafficMASTER by Home Depot. I would like to complete my Diningroom from Kitchen for an open flow. I hope someone can help me.

  6. I am looking for 10 boxes of African chesnut traffic master flooring. It’s an engineered wood. I’m trying to match another room of flooring

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