How to Measure a Room for Flooring

Laminate flooring has become quite popular for reasons such as cleanliness, look, as well as ease of installation. Since it is easy to install many homeowners want to install it themselves. Here are the easy steps to make sure you will have enough laminate Measure for Flooringflooring and not be forced to go back and purchase more boxes of flooring.

Place the measuring tape in a corner of the room. Measure the distance between the corner and the corner directly to the right of where you started. Write this number down.

1. Position the tape measure in the same corner, then measure the distance between the corner and the corner directly to the left of it. Write this number down.

2. Multiply the numbers. For example, one side is 12 feet and the other 10, the floor area is 120 square feet.

3. Add 10 percent to the total square footage (multiply the square footage by .10) to cover additional waste material in case you need to cut part of the flooring or make an inaccurate measurement. This comes out to an extra 12 feet using our example in step

4. Add the additional feet to the overall square footage and this is the amount of laminate flooring you need to purchase.

The steps are easy, but let me give you a tip here from a person that has been in the flooring business for over a decade.  Do not skimp on Step 4.  In fact if you are not the most of handy people and good and not wasting, I would increase that to 20%.  This will cost you more, but will be a lifesaver.


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